Along The Navajo Trail

artist: fats domino 1961

"Along The Navaho Trail"
Fats Domino
Writer(s): Larry Markes, Edgar Eddie de Lange, Dick Charles

Every day a lullabout evening
When the sunlights beginning to fail
I ride through the slumbering shadows
Along the Navajo Trail

When it's night and crickets are calling
And coyotes are making a wail
I dream by a smouldering fire
Along the Navajo Trail

[part 3]
When the wind is strumming a sage-brushed guitar
And over yonder hill the moon is climbing
It always finds me whistling on a star
What do you know it's morning already
There's the dawning, so silver and pale
It's time to climb in my saddle
I want to ride the Navajo Trail

I love the lie and listen to all the music
[repeat part 3]
I want to ride the Navajo Trail
with fellows like Maverick and Cheyenne,
the Indians and their bow and arrows
the boys and guns and love to travel
along the Navajo Trail