Any Time

artist: eddy arnold 1947

ANY TIME by: eddy arnold
Songwriters: Herbert "Happy" Lawson

(This song was originally written by Herbert "Happy" Lawson in 1921, The song was published in 1921 and first recorded by Emmett Miller in 1924)

Eddy Arnold Anytime

Anytime you're feelin' lonely

Anytime you're feelin' blue

Anytime you feel down hearted

That will prove your love for me is true


Anytime you're thinkin' 'bout me

That's the time I'll think of you

Anytime you say, you want me back again

That's the time I'll come back home to you

Anytime your world is lonely

And you find true friends are few

Anytime you see a rainbow

That will be a sign, the storm is through

Anytime will be the right time

Anytime at all will do

Anytime you're sure, you want only my love

That's the time, I'll come back home to you

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