Come A Little Bit Closer

artist: Marty Robbins 1966

by: marty robbins
written by: robert garrett

In a little cafe on the other side of the border
She was sitting there giving me looks
that made my mouth water
So I started walking her way,
she be-longed to Bad Man Jose
And I knew, yes I knew, I should leave,
then I heard her say - ay - ay

CHORUS: Come a little bit closer,
you're my kind of man,
so big and so strong
Come a little bit closer, I'm all a-lone,
and the night is so long
So we started to dance,
in my arms she felt so in-viting
And I just couldn't resist,
a-just a-one little kiss so ex-citing

Then I heard the guitar player say: Va-moose,
Jose's on his way
And I knew , yes I knew, I should run,
but then I heard her say - ay-ay
Then the music stopped, when I looked,
the cafe was empty

And I heard Jose say: Man,
you know you're in trouble plenty
So I dropped the drink from my hand,
and out through the window I ran
And as I rode a-way,
I could hear her say to Jos - e - yay - yay

ENDING: REPEAT (2-3) La, la, la-la