Don't Take It Away

artist: conway twitty 1979

by: conway twitty

I been lookin' for you all night long darlin
'you've got to talk to me
I wanna tell you how wrong I've been
and I won't do it again
You know that woman didn't mean a thing to me
I hope I don't embarrass you too much
here in front of all your friends
I'm gonna get down on my knees

Please let me make it please I can't give you up
Cause you've made love so good for me so long
Don't take it away cause love don't come easy
Darling I'm sorry I stepped over the line
Don't take it away don't make me go crazy
Cause I would follow you to the ends of my mind

[ piano interlude]

From now on I'm gonna be the
kind of man that you can lean on
And when the waters of life get
a little too rough or a little too deep
I'm gonna be your stepping stone
And oh I remember all those nights
that you used to take right a hold of me
And you'd hold on
Please let me make it...