Happy Birthday Darlin'

artist: Conway Twitty

by: conway twitty
written by: Gene Summers

Hello darlin' happy birthday
I've decided not to give you
a present this year
In fact I think it's about time
I took some things away
I'd like to take away this suspicion
that I know clouds your world at times
By giving you some faith
to hold on to honey
whenever your hand is not in mine

Happy birthday darlin'
I've no presents no fancy cake
But I hope I'll make you happy
with everything I take

I'd like to take away
some of your lonely moments
by spendin' more of mine with you
And I'd like to take away
some of those so-so kisses
And replace them with ones
that really say I love you
And I wanna take away the doubt
you sometimes have about my love
By showin' more much more
that I've shown lately

And then if someone asked you
what I've got you for your birthday
Well you can say
why he didn't give me anything
but he sure took a lotta things away

Happy birthday darlin'...
Happy birthday darlin'...
Happy birthday darlin'

source: www.cowboylyrics.com