Hello Love

artist: hank snow 1974

by: hank snow
written by: Betty Jean Robinson & Aileen Mnich

Well look who's comin' through the door
I think we've met somewhere before
hello love hello love
Where in the world have you been so long
I've missed you so since you've been gone
hello love hello love

Make yourself feel right at home
I hope you plan on staying long
come in love come in love
I must say I was sure surprised
You're the last thing I expected by
hello love hello love

I've heard it said time and again
you often go back where you've been
I really didn't believe it was true
but I left the door unlocked for you

I'll try to please you in every way
Assure you of a pleasant stay
this time love this time love
I've been so blue since
you've been gone
Now you're back with me
and nothing's wrong
hello love hello love

[ ac.guitar ]

I've heard it said...
And it's wonderful now
you're back with me
And things are like they used to be
remember love remember love

You're back with me now
and my world's complete
So don't mind me if I repeat
hello love hello love
hello love hello love

source: http://www.elyrics.net