Hello Trouble, come on in

artist: buck owens 1964

by: buck owens
Written by Eddie McDuff & Orville Couch

Woke up this morning
happy as could be
look out my window what did I see
Comin' up my sidewalk
was as big as day

Oh well here comes trouble that
I never thought I'd see
when you went away
Hello trouble come on in

Well you talk about heartaches
where the world you have been
I ain't had the mis'ry
since you've been gone

Hello trouble trouble
trouble welcome home steel
We'll make a cup of coffee
and you can rest your shoes

And you can tell me
them sweet lies
and I'd listen to you
For I'm just a little part of all
the life you've lived

But I'd rather have
a little bit of trouble
than to never know
the love you give
Hello trouble come on in...
Well hello trouble
trouble trouble welcome home

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