High on The Hill

artist: scott english 1996

by: scott english
songwriters: Frank Cariola &
A. Mangravito

High on a hill
Where troubles were few
High on a hill
By our old rendezvous

Here am I
I can't go on
Since you're gone (you're gone)
Since you're gone (you're gone)
You're gone and I'm alone

We made a vow
We never would part
You held your hand
So close to my heart

How could I know?
How could I believe
You would leave me this way?

All my dreams,
All my schemes
Have lost their glow
Since you're away

What can I do?
Is there still a chance
To have you (to have you),
To hold you (to hold you),
To love you forever more?

High on a hill
I'm begging to you
You were my life
I need you, I do

'Til you come back to me,
Here I will be
High on a hill
High on a hill

source: http://www.elyrics.net