Let's Leave The Lights On Tonight

artist: johnny rodriquez 1984

by: johnny rodriquez
songwriters: Bob McDill
& Rory Bourke

We were two broken hearts
in the darkness we both pretend
In my mind you were her
in your fantasies I was him

But hearts heal I guess cause
tonight I feel something new
And I realize by the look in
your eyes youíre feeling it too

Letís leave the lights on tonight
Itís you I want to hold tight
Why donít I just close the door
We wonít pretend anymore

Weíll let them old memories die
Weíll be just you and I
Somehow it all feels so ri-ght
Letís leave the lights on tonight

I was just using you and
you were just using me
We made love in the dark
but only to fantasies

Oh I wanted her but now
I find Iím wanting you
And the way you touch me girl
I believe youíre wanting me too