Lying In Love With You

artist: jim ed brown & helen cornelius

by: jim ed brown & helen cornelious
songwriter: dean dillon

Yes my wedding band is just
too loose to hold me
Cause it slips off my finger now and then
Especially when I'm laying here
with Anna in my arms
I find it's gettin' harder to pretend
Cause Anna just don't know
how much I'm married
If she did I know she'd want to die

But what she doesn't know
won't ever hurt her
So I lay right here and tell another lie
I'll be laying here lying in bed
I know what she wants to hear
so that's what will be said
The truth would only hurt her
so I'll tell a lie instead
While I'm laying here lying in bed

When I get home I'll
kiss the tie that binds me
Cuse he's the apple of his daddy's eye
If his mother wakes and asks me
where I've been and if I love her
Then Lord I'll have to tell another lie
I'll be laying here lying in bed...