Marriage Vow

artist: hank snow 1952

Artist: hank snow 1962
Songwriter: Jenny Lou Carson

Do you take this woman to be your dear wife?
Do you vow to love her the rest of your life?
And will you protect her and honor her name?
Oh, don't 'cause her heartaches and don't bring her shame

Share with her in poverty, with her in wealth
For richer, for poorer, through sickness and health
All these things the Parson did ask me
And then I whispered, "I do and I'd do it again"

For I really love her, the one I call wife
And I'll go on caring the rest of my life
I'd die to protect her and she'd do the same
I'd cut off my tongue before I'd bring her shame

We may be in poverty, may not have wealth
But we stick together through sickness and health
I'll always be thankful till my life is done
That two little words made us both into one

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