Stolen Moments

artist: jim witter 1964

by: jim witter
songwriter: Oliver Nelson.

Oh my little one sitting on my lap
Everytime I look at you
It's me that's looking back
From the summer of your childhood
To the autum of your years
The times we take for granted
All too soon will disappear

Stolen moments are all we have
To get us through this lifetime
All the good and bad
Someday you will be grown
With kids of your own
And you will learn to treasure everyday
Stolen moments, before they steal away

If I could, I'd stop the hands of time
A hundred years from here and now
You would still be mine
But the world keeps on turning
And soon you'll turn from me
And instead of holding you,
I will hold your memory

(Chorus) x2

Stolen Moments before they steal away