The Redneck Anthem

artist: Tara Leigh Cobble 2006

The Redneck Anthem
Tara Leigh Cobble

I got a bible in my hand and pistol on my hip,
My idea of gun control is a two handed grip.

Oh praise the Lord and pass the glock.
Keep your amunition stocked.

Oh im packing, every where I go im packing.
There not likely to show,
I'm packing so don't come attacking me.

I dont understand your gun resentment.
'Cause my best friend is the second amendment.
My hero is charlton heston.
I grew up with smith and wesson.

I'm packing every where I go im packing.
It might not show, im packing,
so don't come attacking me.

Yea im packing but legally,
I'm packing and I'll always be,
I'm packing 'cause I'm a girl from tennessee.

Yea im packing, every day,
my guns are here to stay
No democrats will take my guns away.
And I love the NRA.

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