Who's Julie

artist: mel tillis 1969

by: mel tillis
songwriter: Wayne C. Thompson

Cross the table over coffee just this morning
My woman caught me by surprise without a warning
She said honey you talked in your sleep
And then she began to weep
As she said tell me now tell me truly who's Julie

With a blank look on my face
I searched my mind
For an answer or excuse of some kind
But the words wouldn't come
and my mind was blank
Slowly my head just sank
When she said honey you know I
love you truly but who's Julie

Oh Julie what's this hold you've got on me
On my mind in my dreams you know
you shouldn't be there Julie
I'd like to say Julie's just a friend of mine
But I know that would not satisfy your mind
You see Julie gave me something you did not
She remembered what you forgot
And honey I'm sorry I have to tell you so cruelly
But now you know and don't you ever
ask me again who's Julie

source: www.classic-country-songs.com